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QEnglish - Quick English for your ChildqEnglish Sight words are high-frequency words that are used most often in reading and writing. They are called “sight” words because the goal is for your child to recognize these words instantly, at first sight. Sight words are very important for your child to master because sight words account for up to 75% of the words used in beginning children’s printed material.

Many of the over 200 “sight words” do not follow the basic phonics principles, thus they cannot be “sounded out.” Beginning readers need an effective strategy for decoding unknown words, and being familiar with sight words is an effective method. Other benefits of sight words include:

Promote Confidence!

Sight words promote confidence. Because the first 100 sight words represent over 50% of English text, a child who has mastered the list of sight words can already recognize at least half of a sentence. If your child begins to read a book and can already recognize the words, chances are he won’t feel discouraged and put the book down, rather he’ll have more confidence to read it all the way through. And, choose another!

Promotes Comprehension

Sight words help promote reading comprehension. When your child opens her book for the first time, instead of trying to decipher what ALL of the words mean, she can shift her attention to focus on those words she is not familiar with. She will already know at least half of the words, so focusing on the other half helps strengthen her understanding of the text.

Provides Context

Sight words provide clues to the context of the text. If your child is familiar with the sight words, she may be able to decode the meaning of the paragraph or sentence by reading the sight words. And, if a picture accompanies the text, your child may be able to determine what the story is about and come away with a few new words under her belt.

qEnglish Philosophy


We want your child on the path to learning English fast! Order the first level of qEnglish Sight Words and watch how you can accelerate his learning!

qEnglish was developed by American native English speaker John Dougan.

While John teaches English, his background is in engineering, advanced statistical analysis, big data analysis and deep learning techniques.

John combined all this knowledge to create a basic system to teach his own son, Kelton. The results speak for themselves – Kelton’s reading abilities placed him in the 93% of all kids up to eight years old and his vocabulary placed him at 98%- on his 5th birthday!

John is now living in Russia and teaches English for a select group of people. The system system used to teach his own son worked so well, John used it as a foundation to create the qEnglish card system.

Kelton's Placement Test Results

Kelton Dougan's placement test results

Kelton Dougan’s placement test results

Does qEnglish work? Absolutely, as demonstrated bu John’s own son, Kelton. Just after his 5th birthday, Kelton was evaluated against his peers in the same age range (up to 7 year, 7 months old) and the results speak for themselves:

“Kelton’s general cognitive ability is in the Very Superior range of intellectual functioning, as measured by the FSIQ. His overall thinking and reasoning abilities exceed those of approximately 98% of children his age (FSIQ = 131; 95% confidence interval =124-135). His FSIQ score is higher than that of his peers.

Kelton performed in the Superior range on tasks that required him to name alphabet letters, identify and generate letter sounds, and match and read a series of printed words and non-words as indicated by his Basic Reading standard score (122). His skills in this area exceed those of approximately 93% of students his age.” -Dr. Heidi Rimer Cherwony. Psy.D, P.A.

qEnglish Philosophy

Learning Made Fun with Innovation

The qEnglish system is Interactive. A card provide so much more!

The latest edition of qEnglish was created by analyzing over 6,000 pieces of current literature. Statistical analysis of word frequency, placement and “word power” enabled John get the perfect words for every level.

But knowing the words isn’t enough. The qEnglish system also helps you say the word. Using any QR code reader with your Android or iOS, you can scan the back of the card for a wealth of information. You can hear the correct pronunciation by a native English speaker, as well as Russian equivalents of the word.

Try it!

If you want to simulate what happens when you scan a qEnglish card, click the QR code on the photo!